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Hiroki (owner)

Specializing in precision cutting, digital perms/straightening

 Available at all hair locations

I have been a hair stylist for 20 years and truly enjoy my craft, particularly teaching. I worked many years in Japan at prestigious salons in Tokyo such as the Alpha Toky, Omotesando Japan (the Beverly Hills of Tokyo). I moved to Canada because I wanted to experience different cultures.


In Canada, I was chosen to start up a new salon in Toronto. We were busy and appointments had to be booked 1 month in advance. But I always wanted to start something of my own - so, I decided to open my own salon with my partner Jessie. N15 means November 15, the day I decided to begin this journey. My personal goal is to create an authentic place where stylists and customers are happy to come to my salon everyday.


Your favourite thing about Canada and Japan?

Canada- everyone looks relaxed and friendly. Japan- convenience store. If I have a convenience store next door. I won't have to go anywhere.

Would you prefer to visit Earth in 2100 or travel back to 1900?

2100 or 1900 ……It's a tough question lol. There's a small chance that the world is exactly the same as right now in 2100. So 1900, I want to meet Samurai.


If you could only bring three food items to an island, where you would be stranded on forever, what would it be?

Instant noodles, yakitori (skewered chicken)…Beer!


Did anyone tell you, you are the Asian version of Johnny Depp?

…Yes lol! and Steve Aoki (Japanese DJ). I have also been told on the TTC that I look like an Asian version of Jesus Christ lol 

Hair and Beauty Salon | N15 Hair Salon | Toronto, Ontario
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