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dundas x bay team

Celine (director)

Focus on precision cutting, hair styling, digital perms/straightening & natural hair colors 

dundas & bay salon

I’m a Korean stylist named Celine who has been working for 13 years, I've worked with celebrities, which has taken me to many countries and allowed me to meet various people. I hope that the style I've crafted from the inspiration I gained through these experiences will be conveyed to you.


The movie"Black Panther" Team (Events)

2NE1 (Adidas commercial, W Korea, Events)

CL (2NE1) (Album, Events, Commercials)

Sandara Park (2NE1) (Commercials, Events, TV Programs)

Kwon Sangwoo (Events, Commercials)

Gong Hyo-jin (Events, Commercials)

Lee Hanee (Vogue Korea magazine, Commercials, Events, Drama)

Jisoo (Black Pink) (Drama)

Lee Minhyuk (BTOB) Japan Tour

杨幂 Yang Mi (Drama, Commercials, Events)

张汉 Zhang Han (Drama)

陈哲远 Chen Zhe Yuan (Drama)

What Disney Cartoon character were you very afraid of as a kid?

The Simpsons. They were always making trouble and that is why I was afraid of them when I was a kid, thinking "I shouldn't be like them." But now I understand and enjoy the TV show!

Would you rather be allergic to chocolate or fries?

Definitely allergic to fries since I love sweets and I would die if I were allergic to chocolate

What are the names of three exotic countries you would like to visit?

I'd like to visit Croatia, Turkey and Slovenia again for sure 

Hair and Beauty Salon | N15 Hair Salon | Toronto, Ontario

Tomoyuki (director)

dundas & bay salon

sheppaed & yonge salon

Hair and Beauty Salon | N15 Hair Salon | Toronto, Ontario

Specializing in precision cutting, digital perms & straightening

I worked in Japan for 9 years, four years in Tokyo and five years in my local hometown Tochigi. I will work with a hairstyle that suits you! If you come visit me, I will suggest the best hair solution for you based on your lifestyle and daily routine! 

If you could be in the movie of your choice, what movie would you choose and what character would you play?

I want to be "007" in James Bond. He is cool and does beautiful work

Which famous person would you never want to meet?

I really want to meet Amanda Seyfried. She is totally my type and I will be a happy camper if I see her one day

What do you think is the best feeling in the world?

Playing sports with my friends! 

Kazuma (associate director)

Specializing in precision cutting, color/balayage & digital perms/straightening

dundas & bay salon

Back in Japan, I was a store manager of a popular hair salon.

Experienced over 12 years in different countries such as Japan and Australia. I’m specialized in bleaching process color (highlights, balayage, full blonde), layered cut, bob cut, and digital perm. In 2020 I was nominated as Toronto's top stylist and interviewed by the beauty industry. I post my works on my Instagram pretty often so pls check and follow me!

If you were to create a slogan for your life, what would it be? 

Honestly, Authenticity, Integrity, Love


Have you seen a ghost or an alien?

Did you ask Nuri that same question lol? but Yes ! I have REALLY seen an alien, actually it was UFO.

What item that you don't have already, would you most like to own?

I would like to have smart watch to keep the track of work schedule, time, and notification to improve my punctuality and efficiency of my lifestyle .

Hair and Beauty Salon | N15 Hair Salon | Toronto, Ontario

Sena (advanced senior stylist)

Specializing in precision cutting/digital straightening/Keratin Ttreatment

dundas & bay salon

Hair and Beauty Salon | N15 Hair Salon | Toronto, Ontario

Hello everyone! I'm Sena from Japan. I enjoy working with different hair but especially Asian hair style! 
I am looking forward to seeing all of our lovely clients at N15!

Would you rather vacation in Hawaii or Alaska, and why?

I would like to go to Hawai for my vacation! Because I have been living in Toronto for about 5 years and I need to go somewhere warm with great beach.

If you were a super-hero, what powers would you have?

If I am a super-hero, I would like to have "Body that functions with 0 hours of sleep 24/7".
I can help people anytime and stay awake all night to do everything. Sounds so nice!

If you could have any kind of pet, what would you like?

Dog! I have never had any pet, So I would like to have a puppy some day...!

Takaki (senior stylist)

dundas & bay salon

Specializing in Men's haircut & Perm

Hi, it's Takaki. I was a barber working in Tokyo before coming to Canada.

I have been working at N15 Hair Salon since 2022.

If you are looking for a nice fade cut, you know where to find me!


What crazy activities do you dream of trying someday?

I will go to the deep sea.


If you could meet any living person for dinner, who would you pick and why?

Beyoncé.I went to her concert and was impressed.


If money and time were no object, what would you be doing right now?

Maybe I will go to the moon.

Hair and Beauty Salon | N15 Hair Salon | Toronto, Ontario

Jay (senior stylist)

Focus on precision cutting, korean hair styling,  balayage

dundas & bay salon

Hair and Beauty Salon | N15 Hair Salon | Toronto, Ontario

Hi, I’m Jay, a Korean hair stylist at N15 Hair Salon. I’m currently working at the Dundas location.


I moved to BC, Canada in 2012 when I was a high school student. From 2016 to 2018, I explored the hair profession at a local salon in BC. To master Asian hair at a specialized facility, I joined and worked at a high-end hair salon in Seoul, South Korea and attended premium academy classes between 2018 and 2022. Here I am, finally back to Canada and working at N15 Hair Salon!


I love my job with all my heart. I'm excited everyday to meet clients who will be more pleased with new hair styles. I will give you the best-fitting, tailored design personalized for you to make your day more special!


If you could hang out with any cartoon character, who would you choose and why?

I will choose Doraemon! He has everything in his pocket, and also I'd like to ask for a door that goes anywhere.


What are your three favorite foods?

My favorite foods are sashimi, steak, and any kind of noodles.


What movie have you seen recently that you would recommend and why?

I recommend "About Time". I watch it often because it's the movie of my life. It's a meaningful movie that makes me think about precious and important things in this life granted to me.

Chihiro (stylist II)

Focus on natural hair colors, balayage, highlights, and bleach

dundas & bay salon

Hello! My name is Chihiro from Japan. I was working in Tokyo and Kanagawa for 7 years as a hair colorist. I had never been abroad before coming to Canada, but I wanted to improve my English and it was my dream to work abroad that's why I came here!

Hope you enjoy the color I create.


What is your favorite meal to cook and why?

Actually, I don’t cook much but sometimes make fried rice because it's easy. I like to eat it with natto.


Are you a Coffee person or tea person?

Definitely a coffee person! I drink an iced latte everyday,even in winter.


If you could be an animal, what animal would you be and why?

I want to be a golden retriever! They are so smart and adorable!!

Hair and Beauty Salon | N15 Hair Salon | Toronto, Ontario

Minnie (stylist I)

dundas & bay salon


Specializing in Korean style haircut & Natural Colors

I came to Canada from South Korea. I started working as an assistant and hairstylist at the age of 16 at my parents's salon. I moved to Canada to study hair cutting & dyeing after spending a year in London at Sasoon Hairdresser School. I’m a stylist who strive to be what my customers need. I love to meet new people and learn about my customers!

If you could magically become fluent in any language, what would it be? and why?

Japanese! I’d like to be fluent in Japanese so I can watch Japanese anime without subtitles.

If you could travel to any other planet (real or fictional), where would you go and why?

Pluto! Approximately 20 years ago,  the world decided that Pluto would no longer be considered a planet. I’m here to tell you Pluto is a planet.

What is your favorite dessert?

I love mint chocolate chip ice cream and Java chip Frappuccino from Starbucks!

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