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Master Eyelash Extension Specialist

I have been lashing for over 5 + years in Japan. I truly enjoy my work and making clients beautiful everyday. 

I worked in a professional eyelash salon in Ginza, Japan and was promoted to the position of manager. I was in charge of training and supervising all the eyelash technicians in the salon.  I decided to come to Canada to explore, improve my English and experience the friendly Canadian culture! 

What's your favourite dish to cook for friends? For just you?

Japanese curry  

If you were mayor for the day, what 3 things would you change about your city?

1. Can drink outside

2. Can buy alcohol everywhere

3. I would make some "Kaiten Sushi" (conveyor-belt sushi) on every corner in Toronto


Would you rather be a donut or a muffin?



What do you like most about Japan and Canada?

Japanese Otaku Culture and Poutine!   


Master Eyelash Extension Specialist

I have worked many years as an eyelash extension specialist in Ginza and Shinjuku, Japan.  I was the assistant manager and dealt with many different customers. I enjoy solving people's eyelash problems and helping them feel their best!

If you could have true love or £10 million which would you choose?
I'll choose £10 million. Because I want to travel around the world!

What was the worst present you’ve received?
Hmmm… Character stickers

What's your favorite sport?
It is basketball ! Someday I want to watch basketball game at the Air Canada Center 


Master Eyelash Extension Specialist

I have been working as a trainer in the beauty industry for several years now. I specialize in lash extensions, all things brow and lash lifts. I love to focus on giving my clients a customized look and design that would flatter their unique features most because beauty is not a "one size fits all."

What animal might you have been in your past life?
Hmm maybe a Siamese cat! I'm pretty curious but also love to sleep, snuggle and talk

If you could paint yourself any color and not be seen as a psychopath, what color would that be?
I love the color violet!


You accidentally forgot to put on socks and underwear but only have time to put one on, which do you choose?
Seems pretty obvious to me, lol. Underwear! 


 Eyelash Extension Specialist

I trained and became an eyelash extension technician then supervisor in Japan for a few years. Then I worked in  Australia and Canada. I am very interested in learning new skills so I would like to learn something new this year and provide great service to my clients!

What scene in a movie always gives you goosebumps every time you watch it?
I always get goosebumps when I watch movies with dramatic ending. I cannot stop watching same movies again and again even though I know the ending. I know, its sad :( 

Are you the good witch or the bad witch?
I think I'm a good witch! (My husband may not agree lol)

What is your favorite cartoon, past or present??
My all time favorite is sailor moon! 


Eyelash Extension Specialist

I have 4 years experience working as a professional eyelash and eyebrow specialist. I decided to leave Japan to experience more of the world, having traveled to countries such as Cyrus, Germany, Italy, and France.  I like to think about what to do to make our customers happy. I always try to provide courteous service!

Dance up close with someone smelly or smell everyone in the room?
Fortunately for me, my nose is not very sensitive, so it wouldn't make a bit of difference! 

If you could travel anywhere outside of this planet, where would you go and why?
I want to travel to Saturn.  I like the shape of Saturn

What is your most treasured material possession?
My iPhone. It is my best partner !


 Eyelash Extension Specialist

In Japan, I worked at a highly rated, top salon in Tokyo for eyelash extensions. I received my training in Japan and have been lashing for over 4 years.  I love learning new beauty techniques and making my customers more beautiful!

What Simpsons character are you?
Bart Simpsons


If you could travel back in time to any single year or event then back again only once, what would you choose and why?

Ed Sheeran’s live 2019 in Tokyo. Because it was the best experience I’ve ever had!

Would you want to live where you vacation or just vacation more often?
Just vacation more often

Because I really like travel to other countries, so I want to visit various places I’ve never been!