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We all thrive for beauty in one way or another (e.g. skincare, exercising, dieting, makeup, nails, brows, and HAIR). In the modern world, hair is not only a part of our body, but also an accessory we can’t take off, so we better wear it proudly. When rummaging through thousands and thousands of photos online, it can be confusing to look for inspirations for our hair. We hope this blog can help you narrow down the most realistic ideas you can have for your hair.

Getting your hair done is a luxury

Having great hair is truly a luxury, especially in a big city where living costs only continue to rise. Nice hair is something we “want”, not something we “need”. Changing up our hair is like buying a car, a handbag, or jewelery, we really must consider our budget for it. Picking a hairstyle that we can’t afford to maintain with touch-ups and products will not only we waste our money, but will make our hair look worse months after the service.

But let’s admit it, we all buy something we don’t really need sometimes. Just like getting our hair done for fun, or getting a much-needed change to feel better that day. That’s totally fine! But if you pick a style you want to look 99% of the time, budget should be the first thing to consider. Definitely consult with your stylist to learn more about setting a balance between hair maintenance and cost.

Right question to ask: How much does it cost to maintain this hairstyle include touch ups and home care products?

Money is not enough for great hair

Great hair takes two: your stylist and most importantly, you. You can pay for top artists in the world for the most amazing hair-do, but if you don’t have time/patience to do the “home work”, you’ll never appreciate its optimum form. Almost every hairstyle comes with some “home work”, either styling or treatment, and potentially other restrictions.

Styling includes: putting wax (for men), curling or blow-drying your hair a certain way, using hairspray.

Treatment includes: 5-10 minutes for hair mask to work into your hair in the shower, using oil before blow dry

Restrictions: number of washes a week, water temperature, the way you brush your hair, the tools and how you use them.

Right question to ask: “What do I have to do at home to maintain this hairstyle?”

If the “home work” doesn’t sound like your life, that’s a red flag. Cross it out, and pick an easier option. At the end of the day, we can only look as good as our effort in hair maintenance.

We are the best version of ourselves

Like I mentioned in the beginning, beauty is not only about hair but also dozens of other things. Beauty is just one way to build confidence, there are also fitness, education, career ,…etc to focus on.

Remember, it’s not worth breaking your bank over hairstyles you can’t upkeep after stepping out of the salon. It doesn’t mean you will not look amazing with other options. We are the best version of ourselves! When people embrace themselves, confidence built over time starts to show. That’s true beauty.

It’s okay to not look perfect all the time

Let’s say you fall into the group of people that can afford the hairstyle that you want and have mastered taking care of it. There will be days that you won’t have time for it and it’s okay to not look perfect all the time, it only means we’re human. Even celebrities have moments where they look just like us. In reality, when they are in their casual clothes, natural hair with no make-up on, they look so different compared to the photos that people bring in salons as inspiration.

Don’t beat yourself up for not looking a certain way.

Don’t let that pressure affect your life so much.

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