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digital perm

What is Precision Cutting?

At N15, our entire team of stylists have perfected the art of precision cutting.  This technique is popularized in Japan with great attention paid to shape, structure and balance. Texture is also emphasized, allowing freedom of movement.  Depending on the style, the cutting technique can allow certain looks to keep their shape for a long time and allow for easy maintenance.



What is a Digital Perm?

Originating from Japan, the digital perm is the biggest technological revolution in the hair market in years. If you wish you could wake up with beautiful natural waves without the hassle of a curling iron, this is your answer.


Digital Perm differs from traditional or cold perms because it uses gentler ingredients and heat (digital thermal reconditioning) to curl hair without the associated frizz of a traditional perm.

The digital curl behaves like a natural curl - when the curl is wet it is loose but gets firmer and bouncier as it dries. This is because the hair condition isn’t compromised unlike a traditional perm. 


Blow drying is simple and quick and completely free of frizz. Dry your own hair to salon quality with next to no effort.


Will digital perm damage my hair?

While gentler then most chemical services, it will cause some damage to your hair. Therefore, it is vital that your stylist is knowledgeable and utilizes the best quality ingredients. At N15, our stylists are all trained in Japan and are experienced experts at the latest digital perm technology. We choose the best perm products to use on your hair. During the perm process, we will also add nutritional pre-treatment to the hair. We carry Nakano, one of the leading hair care brands in Tokyo. ​

How long do the results last?

It largely depends on the condition of your hair and the style that you want to achieve. The perm will usually last 3-6 months if the hair condition is good. Over time, curls will slowly begin to drop due to the unavoidable effects of gravity. We recommend a maintenance session when you feel your curls need a boost.

Can individuals with curly hair still get a digital perm?

We recommend individuals with coarse, frizz prone curls to get a digital perm to smooth and relax their hair into more manageable waves.

Tips for Aftercare

Avoid combing the curled portions of your hair. If you can avoid it, don’t shampoo your hair every day. Your natural oils help give curls separation. Remember the direction of your curls. When you twist sections with your fingers, the direction should be the same as recommended by your stylist. Twist your hair into a towel instead of rubbing it to dry it off. A diffuser can help when you need to dry the hair more quickly. We recommend using hair products specifically designed for digital perms that will boost your curls and minimize frizz. Your stylist will recommend professional products from Japan handpicked by our team.

After my perm, do I still need to style my hair?

To achieve a look that is not just natural looking curls or waves, you must style the hair. This could be twisting large sections or drying each section with a diffuser. While digital curling completely changes the movement in hair it doesn’t style it for you. N15’s Digital Curl will achieve curls that offer versatile options for styling. They are not a direct replacement for styling. Just as you need to style your straight hair you’ll also need to style your new shape. The curls make it easier to achieve looks ranging from soft waves to bouncy springy curls that would otherwise only be achievable with heated tools such as curling irons.

Tips on styling permed hair

Don’t brush or comb the hair when it’s dry, you’ll cause frizz. A diffuser can help when you need to dry the hair more quickly. We suggest practicing before a special event! Adjusting to styling your new curls will take time. You’ve had a lifetime of straighter hair.


How do you style it into shape?

Start by applying a good quality styling product suitable for curly hair. If you leave it to dry naturally it’ll look like a natural curl and drying with a diffuser will speed up this look. Alternatively, finger dry in ringlets to produce a tonged effect: To style the curls into shape, section the hair – if you take 10 sections you’ll get a bigger, Kate Middleton-style wave, while taking more sections will result in smaller curls. Wrap the hair into shape with your hand (it’ll fall into the right place with the tiniest bit of encouragement) and then blow dry to hold the style. Finish with a spritz of light shine spray.

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